How to recover quickly after the London Marathon

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You’ve done it. All the training, the planning, the hard work and you’ve finally conquered the 26.2 miles of London’s 2018 marathon. Congratulations! Now here’s what you need to do to recover quickly from all of those post-running cramps, aches and sore muscles.


1. Elevate your legs

As soon as you’ve finished the race elevate your legs for around 10-12 minutes if you can. For example, if you can lie down and get a friend to hold your legs and gently (very very gently) shake them this will help to reduce lactic acid build up in your leg muscles.


2. Grab a recovery massage

Lots of runners get a massage after the London Marathon. If you are used to massages you may want to opt for a sports or deep tissue massage, however if you don’t have massages regularly we recommend a very light swedish or recovery massage. Again, this will help to relax your tense muscles, help your circulation and reduce any fluid build up..

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3. Stay hydrated

During the race you will lose a vast amount of water weight, so it’s important to replace these lost fluids by rehydrating your body. Always keep a water bottle by your side and ensure you are drinking little and often to avoid the risk of over hydrating.


4. Eat, eat and eat

Nutrition plays a huge part in your recovery after the London marathon. Ensure you replace all of the lost carbohydrates after the race and in the preceding days to help replenish your energy stores.


5. Ice bath

Athletes use cold therapy after intense sport and so should you. Get into an ice cold bath as soon as possible or apply a cold ice pack (with a towel wrapped around it) to your legs. You should spend approx. 8 minutes in the ice bath to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefits.


6. Take the day off work and sleep

The first night’s sleep after completing a marathon is the most uncomfortable, and you want to allow your body time to relax and recover properly. Going into work the next day will only make you feel worse and will prolong the recovery period. Take the day off and utilise the time to recover quicker!


7. Keep moving, try swimming!

Try to keep moving around the house the day after the London marathon and don’t sit down for too many long periods, as you need to keep your muscles active (gentle exercise is best to avoid the risk of injury). A couple of days after the London marathon try exercising in water. A light dynamic warm up in some water and a gentle swim is low impact and extremely helpful for your recovery.


8. Book another massage

After day 3 you should book in another massage for any persisting aches and pains. We recommend booking a deep tissue or sports massage at this stage as your body should be quickly recovering and your muscles should be feeling stronger and looser.

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