Why book a body massage at home?


For many busy individuals living in London, finding the time to relax (even just for an hour) can be extremely difficult. If we wanted to book a massage for ourselves it would be a long-winded process, which most likely involves searching Google for a “massage near me”, calling up a few places, picking a date and time, travelling, signing in at the reception desk… you get the idea.


With the emergence of new mobile massage companies in London, it has become even easier to book a massage near you. The therapist will turn up at a time of your choice with a portable bed and the necessary oils for your treatment. But why should you book a massage at home rather than visiting your nearest massage clinic? Here’s why.



Whether it’s work, family, friends or something else, there’s always something that seems to pop up and disturb your plans for the day. But not with a mobile massage. Here at BodyPro, you can book a massage on the same day and the therapist can be at your door in the next hour.


Why travel to a clinic when you can stay at home? According to City A.M., the average person spends 107 hours a year commuting across London to work. So after a busy day there’s no need for many of us to travel any further. Relax at home and put your slippers on. With a mobile massage at home you don’t need to travel anywhere. You choose the therapist, you choose the address, and you choose the time.


Cost effective

Time is money, and so is rent. For many massage clinics their prices have to reflect the extra overheads they are paying on top of the massage you are receiving. In London, you’re likely to see prices in private clinics for around £85 for a one-hour session; whereas on BodyPro you can book a cheap, expert massage at home for as little as £40 for one-hour.


At BodyPro we empower our mobile massage therapists to choose their own pricing. Therefore the prices you see will be chosen by the therapist, and will be based on their current business offering, expertise, experience and so on. As a competitive marketplace, this helps us to ensure that you, as the customer, can compare and choose a trusted mobile massage for a reasonable price.



There’s no better feeling than enjoying a massage in the comfort and safety of your own home, especially during a busy week. As a mobile massage service in London we ensure that you feel all the benefits of a spa massage in your own living room. And as you already feel comfortable in your own space, your muscles will relax and open up to a deeper, better massage.


Each of our mobile massage therapists are trained and vetted specifically for the types of massage they are offering. This includes a qualifications, insurance and background check as well as a physical assessment. So, rather than having a therapist that is skilled in many areas, or a therapist that has just completed a weekend course in Ibiza, you can be sure you’re booking a specialised massage therapist near you.


So, what are you waiting for? Quit searching for “massage near me” and book a reliable home massage with a vetted and trained therapist in London today.