How to find the best personal trainer for you

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In such a highly competitive market, it has become even harder to find personal trainers that are suitable for you. With thousands of training courses, it’s easier than ever to qualify as a personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean every trainer will be able to get the best out of you. We are all different and so are all personal trainers. There are many different factors that come into play when choosing the right personal trainer and that’s why we at BodyPro will do our best to find the right one for you.


So where do you start? We often hear people say “I just want to find a personal trainer near me” or “I just want a personal trainer at home”, however if you don’t do your homework early on you may regret your choice of personal trainer, as well as all of those pound notes you’ve spent not getting your best results.


1. Figure out your goals

This part is simple but surprisingly overlooked by many people. You should firstly ask yourself, “What am I looking to achieve by getting a personal trainer?”. By having a goal in your mind before approaching or booking a trainer will help you find the best personal trainer for you. And also, if you are booking a personal trainer but you’re unsure why, well, that’s no use to you or the trainer.

Below is a list of some popular goals:

  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle Gain

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Endurance

  • Firming and Toning

  • Pre/Post Natal


Even at this stage, it’s useful to know some kind of realistic results you are looking to achieve. So sit down, get the pen and paper out and write down your goals. And who knows, if you find that you may be more suited to yoga or pilates (links to find the best yoga teachers and pilates), we’ve still got you covered.


2. Do your homework

You’ve now identified why you’re getting a personal trainer and what you’re looking to achieve. You go onto google and search “best personal trainers near me” and find thousands of results. You scroll through tons of different websites that have only 5 star testimonials and personal training qualifications from places you don’t even recognise until eventually you find yourself browsing through instagram pictures of bodybuilders and bikini contest winners.


There is an alternative. Since you’ve now figured out what goals you want to achieve, you could search for personal trainers who specialise in that particular goal (e.g. “fat loss trainers near me”). Or, what we recommend here at BodyPro, is research the types of training that would most likely get you to that goal, whilst having fun (of course). For example, you have a goal based around fat loss. You would more than likely be doing some form of HIIT exercises as part of your training programme. So, figure out what type of training you might like, here are a few suggestions:

  • HIIT Training

  • Circuit Training

  • Functional Training

  • Endurance Training

  • Weightlifting

  • Boxing

  • Kickboxing

  • Pre/Post Natal Training


Great! Now you know what you are trying to achieve and how you would like to achieve it. That narrows down your search and you can find personal trainers that are right for you. Here at BodyPro we aim to get you straight to this step. Check out a list of personal trainers near you here.


3. Try a single session

You’ve now chosen a personal trainer who matches your goals and can train you with the methods you think are best for you. So now all you have to do is book a session, get your comfortable gym trainers on, take a bottle of water and bring a positive attitude!


What typically happens on your first session is the personal trainer will speak to you about things like your work hours and personal commitments (family, social life etc.), your physical measurements (weight and fat percentages, BMI, etc.), your previous exercise history (what you liked/disliked, your level) and your goals (this is where ‘step 1 - figure out your goals’ comes into place!). You will then do a session that gets you started on your new programme!


During your first session, make sure you look out for a few indicators as to whether this personal trainer is the best for you:

  • Do they motivate you? This is the most important factor. If the personal trainer doesn’t make you want to train then they’re not for you.

  • Do you get along with them? Ok they may not be your best friend (your best friend might let you get away with not training) but like above, you want to feel comfortable talking to the trainer so there’s no awkward mid-session jokes.

  • Are they checking up on you? Personal trainers are not meant to be passive and just let you ‘get on with it’. If the personal trainer is professional, making you correct your technique, giving you advice etc. then they are doing the basics right.


So, you’ve now finished your first session. How do you feel? Hopefully awesome and ready to book again! If this is you, then head to step 5. If not, then try again!


4. Try someone else

Sometimes you may have to try 2/3 personal trainers before you find the right one for you. If you’re unsure on the trainer you’re currently using, don’t be afraid to switch. Remember, you want to feel like you’re getting the most out of each session and that each session is getting you closer to your goal. Don’t waste money on trainers who aren’t right for you. Go back to step 3 and choose another trainer who you think is right for you. Perhaps even use the flaws of the previous trainer to choose the next!


5. Make the commitment

You’ve had your first, second, third session and you’re really confident that you’ve found the best personal trainer for you. Great! Now remember why you started, track your progress and make the commitment to have a session one, two, three times a week (depending on what your personal trainer recommends). By booking a package deal in advance and paying upfront, you are more likely to attend each session and achieve your goals.


Here at BodyPro we ensure all of our personal trainers are qualified, insured, interviewed and screened so we take most of the hassle of finding a high quality trainer out of the equation! At the time of writing we currently cover the central boroughs of London. Compare and book your first session with personal trainers near you here.


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