How yoga will transform your strength training


Though many people see yoga as an easier alternative to strength training and cardiovascular exercise, in reality it can be incredibly physically demanding and intense. In fact, certain types of yoga can be very effective at building muscle and enhancing performance. 

If you’re looking for ways to complement and enhance your strength training regime, incorporating just a small amount of yoga into your weekly workout could make a huge difference.

Here are just a few ways that yoga could help to transform your body and complete your workout.


Core strength

One of the most important ways that yoga can help to enhance your strength training regime is by helping you to work your core muscles.

As having a strong core makes all physical exercise easier, developing these muscles will help you to perform better during your strength training and cardiovascular workouts.

Strong core muscles can also help to prevent injury, so you won’t have to take time out to recover from aches and strains.

Yoga poses like the plank, side plank and warrior III are all great for working your core and building strength.


Mental strength

To transform your body through strength training takes a huge amount of motivation, dedication and commitment.

Yoga helps to focus your mind, control your breathing and build mental strength - helping you to overcome fitness obstacles and achieve the results you’ve always wanted.



Balance is incredibly important in most forms of exercise. Since strength training and weightlifting doesn’t really help you to improve your balance, bringing yoga into your workout can help you to develop this specific part of your physical fitness.

Many yoga poses work to improve balance, helping you to control your body and create a more rounded regime.



Though yoga isn’t just about stretching, by constantly pushing yourself to get deeper into the poses you can improve your flexibility and range of motion. As well as making your body feel more flexible, this should also make you less injury prone.

Increasing your range of motion can complement the power and muscle you’re building through strength training, resulting in a body that is supple as well as strong.  



If you’ve already started strength training, you’ll know just how physically demanding it can be. Taking regular time off to let your body recover and your muscles heal is important for preventing injury and building strength safely.

During your off days from strength training, you can use yoga to gently work your muscles and develop your core strength. This should help you to boost your workout without damaging your body.


By combining a physically and mentally demanding exercise like yoga with explosive lifts and weight training, you can develop your entire body and strengthen every muscle.

A combined yoga and strength training regime will help you to transform your body and make it stronger than ever before. Yoga is also a beautiful practice which will help you look within, providing an opportunity to pull you away from the daily stresses of work and allow you to focus on your breath and body, whilst cutting away all the mental chatter in our minds which can be extremely exhausting.

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