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Keira B.
Massage Therapist
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About Keira

Keira is a qualified holistic massage therapist that has sought to broaden his insight in to the delicate nature of the body. He has helped a variety of people, from athletes to middle-aged women and beyond. Keira provides tailored treatments designed to allow the body and mind to recover. He offers a holistic approach to massage and will work with other health professionals for the benefit of the client.

Prices and Packages

» Swedish/Deep Tissue/Sports Massage | £50.00*
» 4 x Sessions | £47.50 each (5% off)
» 8 x Sessions | £45.00 each (10% off)
» 12 x Sessions | £42.50 each (15% off)
» 16 x Sessions | £40.00 each (20% off)


1 year


» Holistic Massage Level 4
» Member of the Massage Training Institute


» Holistic Massage
» Swedish Massage
» Sports Massage
» Chair Massage
» Seated Acupressure
» Exercise Referrals
» Injury rehabilitation


Tineke D.
This is my first time having a masseuse call to my home and definitively much preferred! Keira is very professional. Made me feel at ease and very relaxed. He got rid of my knots in my shoulders. I haven’t felt this loose in a long time. Definitely recommend him. Thank you Keira!

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Roisin D.
Excellent service. Would recommend this to family and friends.

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