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How to book a Personal Trainer in City of London

Booking a Personal Trainer in City of London is easy

With BodyPro, you can book one of the best local personal trainers to your home, apartment gym or local park. It's the perfect way to improve your health and achieve your fitness goals without any hassle of going to a gym or travelling very far. Booking happens in just two simple steps:

1. Select your favourite personal trainer in City of London

2. Book a time slot, type in your address and pay online

The personal trainer will arrive approximately 10 minutes before your session. They will bring any necessary equipment, so all you need is suitable clothing, trainers and a water bottle.

Training Etiquette

All Personal Training services found on BodyPro are strictly professional.

Please make sure you are at the address for the time you booked. If your trainer is running late they will contact you directly.

If it is your first session, your trainer will discuss your fitness goals, assess your body composition and test your current physical abilities in order to design a tailored training session. It is your responsibility to make the trainer aware of any injuries or physical conditions that may prevent yourself, or anyone else involved, from doing certain exercises in any session.

You are required to wear appropriate clothing and trainers for exercising and to bring a full water bottle to each session. If the trainer feels uncomfortable with your attire or you have not brought any water they are entitled to end the session as they will not want you to risk you getting hurt or injured.

Feel free to communicate with your trainer about the level of training and if you do feel any pain, please tell your trainer immediately.

After your session, your trainer will ask you to leave feedback, which will be noted on your account.

If you want to book another training session or package you can simply re-book via the BodyPro website or customer service team.

If you aren't completely satisfied with your session(s) or would like to speak to our customer service team, please email