Charlotte F.
Pilates Instructor
3 reviews

About Charlotte

Charlotte has practised Pilates for over 4 years. She enjoys teaching you how to strengthen and condition your body and can make you less likely to suffer from back pain, as well as preventing or rehabilitating other injuries. In addition, her practice will show you how having the correct posture can benefit you in your day to day life. Book Charlotte for a session if you like to challenge yourself and would like to feel better in yourself.

Prices and Packages

» Mat Pilates Session | £50.00*
» 4 x Sessions | £47.50 each (5% off)
» 8 x Sessions | £45.00 each (10% off)
» 12 x Sessions | £42.50 each (15% off)
» 16 x Sessions | £40.00 each (20% off)


2 years


» Level 3 Mat Pilates
» Level 3 Designing Physical Activity Programmes for Antenatal and Post Natal Clients
» Pilates with Small Equipment
» Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions

Training Expertise

» Mat Pilates
» Beginners
» Intermediate
» Pre and Post Natal
» Pilates with Small Props


Marcia W.
My first Pilates class with Charlotte, having not attended a class in many years, was a great return. She is a professional and caring teacher, I’m looking forward to the next class!!

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Steve W.
A very competent instructor with a good understanding of pilates. Patient and always insures the basics are understood.

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Joel H.
Since seeing Charlotte twice a week I no longer need treatment for my lower back pain. She is friendly and patient and I have progressed a lot in terms of my posture, breathing and holding my core muscles in the right manner. I highly recommend Charlotte to anyone.

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