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Emily H.
Yoga Teacher

About Emily

Emily spent her childhood upside down in headstands, cartwheels or crabbing along sideways on the lounge floor. 8 years ago she discovered Hot Power Yoga. It is this intense combination of Asanas (poses) and Pranayama (breathing) that helped her through the tough times and channelled the little girl inside her again. Now, she loves to teach people yoga to feel young and effortlessly happy.

Prices and Packages

» Vinyasa Flow Yoga Session | £40.00*
» 5 x Sessions | £36.00 each (10% off)
» 10 x Sessions | £36.00 each (10% off)


2 years


» 200hr Yoga Teacher (HPY)


» Vinyasa Flow Yoga
» Guided Savasana